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Following are the salient points about the services:

  • Pulmonary Function Test(Spirometry)
    This test helps in diagnosis & management of obstructive and restrictive lung diseases like Asthma, COPD, Interstitial lung diseases, occupational lung diseases etc.
  • BronchoscopyThis test helps in evaluation for persistent or unexplained cough, blood in sputum, abnormal chest X-ray such as a mass, nodule or inflammation in the lung, possible lung infections like pneumonias, recurrent pleural effusion etc.
  • Polysomnography (Sleep Study)This test helps in diagnosis of sleep apnea both obstructive & central. Patients with excessive day time sleepiness, snoring, abrupt awakenings accompanied by gasping or choking, awakening with a dry mouth or sore throat, morning headache, difficulty in concentrating during day, mood changes such as depression or irritability, night time sweating, high Blood pressure and decreased libido are eligible symptoms for sleep study.
  • Expertise in clinical management of tuberculosis, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB), extensively drug resistant Tuberculosis (XDR TB), Pulmonary & extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (Pleural effusion, empyema, abdominal Koch’s, Tuberculosis meningitis etc.), HIV TB co-infection.
  • Allergy testing and ImmunotherapyDiagnosis & management of allergies both seasonal (worsening during certain times of the year, such as pollen allergies in spring) and perennial(occurring year round). Skin prick testing using over 60 allergens which includes common food allergens, Pet allergens and Aero-allergens followed by management of diagnosed patient with immunotherapy(allergy shots) and other medications.
  • Clinical management of all other respiratory disorders like Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), occupational lung diseases, interstitial lung diseases, lung cancers, mediastinal and pleural diseases.

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