Home Departments
  • Ambulance– 24×7 Surya Sahyadri Hospital has 2 well equipped Ambulances in excellent condition so as to retrieve emergency cases from within the vicinity for timely evaluation & management.
  • Pharmacy– 24×7 The Pharmacy store is located conveniently at the ground floor,right next to the entrance of IP building to cater to the patients need.It is staffed only by qualified & registered Pharmacists also open round the clock.
  • Pathology-The 24X7 lab is well equipped for all types of speciality Blood Sample testing under expert pathologists.For super Speciality investigations,the blood samples are out sourced to Sahyadri Speciality Lab.
  • Radiology-It is an important department of the hospital which caters to imaging modalities like Digital X-Ray,CT Scan,Ultrasonography,Colour Doppler & Sono mammography.With the help of Diagnostic expertise,2 D Echo & Stress Test is performed for further evaluation.
  • Dialysis- Surya Sahyadri Hospital has a dedicated Dialysis unit with independent set up and a well trained & qualified staff to cater to the patients at all time.
  • Physiotherapy-Physiotherapy department has the modern & latest machines along with expert therapist to ensure maximum & painless movements of the patients,both OPD & IPD.
  • Intensive Care Unit- 10 bedded ICU headed by eminent intensivist with central monitoring system, advance ventilators, multipara monitors, Defibrillators, well equipped for all kind invasive procedures. Also supported with portable X-ray, 2 D Echo available for quick bed side diagnosis.
  • Burns Intensive Care Unit–Independent 6 rooms properly isolated, maintain with H-VAC system with air changing module to ensure infection free and sterile atmosphere which is essential for Burns critical patients. Fully equipped parafernia, central monitoring system, dedicated operation theatre, skin bank facility and handled by trained qualified staff.
  • Casualty- Well equipped and managed 24X7 Emergency room lead by EMS qualified staff to tackle all kind of traumas and attend the emergencies timely.
  • OPD-For patients convenience the outpatient department is manage at ground floor with ample waiting lounge. Spacious 5 consulting rooms for various faculties available as per their time slots also attend by attendant doctor to address patients and customer care officials to cater appointments and smooth functioning.
  • Operation Theatre- 2 State of Art Major Operation Theatres, 1 Minor theatre and dedicated endoscopy room. Being an institute of Advance Surgeries we have completely equipped parafernia anesthesia work stations, C-arm, ventilators, ETCO2 monitors and latest surgical devices available, also supported by qualified nursing staff, and well trained Para medical to ensure smooth functioning of all branches of Surgeries.