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Diabetes Management and Foot Care Clinic

We have all three levels of Diabetes treatment modality available with fully equipped set up. 
Primary – Diabetes Health Checkup plans & remedies
Secondary –Diabetes consultation and Diagnostic investigations.
Tertiary –Treatment of Diabetes Complications like Diabetic foot care management


  • Basic healthcare plans
  • Comprehensive Screening plans to detect or rule out Diabetes (for those at high risk, anyone who suspect to develop Diabetes)

SECONDARY LEVEL – Specialized Diabetes consultation with tailor-made Diet plans and with investigation protocols for the prevention of complications
In Diabetes OPD following things will be done

  • History taking
  • Biometrics and BMI, Waist hip ratio
  • General information about the diabetes and its complications in detail
  • Diet consultation
  • Prescription of Medication.

Tertiary Level : Yearly Profile for screening of Diabetic complications
Diabetic Profile :BSL F/PP, HbA1C every 3 months/ 6 months
Heart : 2D Echo, Stress Test, Lipid Profile, Acute cardiac complications
Kidney : BUL, Creatinine, UACR/24 hrs urinary proteins,Uric Acid, calcium, Phosphorus
Eyes: Retina check up
Foot : Diabetic Foot Examination, complications like ulcers, Podia Scan, Biothesiometery, AB Index.

The Podiascan system is used for measuring static & dynamic planter foot pressure distribution. It consists of a consumable sensing mat, scanner & windows based image analysis software. By using this, the system produces an enhanced full color representation of the sole of the foot.

Diabetic Foot Care is a multidisciplinary foot clinic which provides regular foot examination to check for:-
Early symptoms of Neuropathy
Foot Deformities
Callus & Corns
Infections & Necrosis

Diabetic foot clinic helps foot Rehabilitation which includes:-
foot Scanning
Counseling & Treatments
Customized Foot wear

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Opening Hours (OPD Timing)

Monday – Saturday 8.00AM – 7.00PM
Sunday and Holidays Closed

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